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tevreden klanten en super enthousiaste klanten in binnen- en buitenland.


jaar ervaring, individuele sessies, live en online in meerdere talen.


paniekaanvallen, angsten, depressies en andere problemen geëlimineerd.

jaar ontspannende trainingen, workshops en retraites in binnen- en buitenland.
Jeannette is een vrouw met ballen. Precies wat ik nodig had! Ik vertrouwde haar vanaf het eerste moment en ik wist ook meteen dat ik haar niet voor de gek kon houden. Ze ziet mij zoals ik ben en ik voel me geaccepteerd.
Eline Ferleu - acrobaat - Gent - België
Her technique works. She's really good and she was not deduced by my resistance. She has ruined my desire to get high on drugs forever! She is dedicated, tough, persistant and fun to be with. I hate what you're doing, but I'm grateful for your courage to do what you did. Thank you so much Jeannette, for your powerful sessions.
Michael  - Honolulu - Hawaii
It felt like a miracle, just like magic. I just did what Jeannette said and it was spot on everything. I felt very much in safe hands of an intelligent woman. Yes, it is a lifechanging experience. Suddenly I could physically feel my body, like it never happened before.
Anita Hasnaoui - entrepreneur - Copenhagen - Denmark
Jeannette has her own style completely and it works like magic. She kindly services herself as the vehicle that leads me to see the answers. She is a joy to be around with and I appreciate her light approach which makes even the hard stuff enjoyable.
Maria Sosa - accountant - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Ik had eigenlijk geen idee van wat ik ging doen, want ik werd doorverwezen door iemand. Maar het werkte meteen en ik vond het heel efficiënt, vanaf de eerste keer. En gaandeweg ging ik me steeds beter voelen. Jeannette is in staat om in korte tijd een beeld te krijgen, waar zij mee gaat werken, waardoor jij weer op het juiste spoor komt. De gevoelens die je erbij krijgt kan ik niet navertellen. Ik voel een extra diepte. 
Martina Eicher - projectmanager - Den Haag
Thank you so much for your wise words. I'm grateful for the role you've played in my life. You were always absolutely concerned, real and with your sense of humor you knew, however, to keep it light always. Just know that I love you, sister, and we keep in touch.
Laurie Ellis - social worker - New York
I really appreciated the one-on-one sessions with Jeannette. It meant a lot to me that she reached out. She gave me a feeling of really being seen and accepted. She helped me finding back some confidence in me. I will never forget that.
Erica Roebuch - Tampa - Florida
Jeannette werkt recht vanuit het hart en dat is voelbaar. Haar hele manier van zijn geeft vertrouwen in de reis die je met haar maakt. Ik vond het heel fijn om met haar te werken.
Rogier Messersmid - relatietherapeut - Den Haag
I had sessions with Jeannette. I was amazed by her patience and guidance until I 'flipped', ignoring my resistance and stubborness! Thank you. A great healer. I'm looking for more!
Myroulla Mallouppa - mindset Nicosia - Cyprus
If you really want something different with your life the best help you can get is someone of solid stature that can't be deceived. Jeannette has helped me to let go of my deepest anger and sadness, almost unnoticed and surprisingly fast. She is creative, not easily intimidated, with a great heart. An extraordinary experience. I'm really relieved. I can't say it otherwise: She's a trooper!
Justin - Salt Lake City - Utah
Jeannette is a professional in the true sense of the word. She cares for you! She cares enough to be entirely prepared for every session. No information I give her stays unnoticed or unused. And don't be fooled by her compassionate listening. She is relentless in acknowledging all mental constructions as she breaks trances and limiting beliefs. Trust is the word that comes in my mind before, during and after my sessions with Jeannette.
Andreas Mesarites - managing director - Nicosia - Cyprus

I had to be awakened by a strong person. Jeannette is tough and very straighforward and she didn't make it easy, but only this way I was able to let it all go. She is dedicated and knows what she's doing, straight from the heart. She had a lot of knowledge about the specific situation (religion) that caused my problems and before she came she gave me 'homework'. Therefore I was 'ripe' to let go and free myself from the agony that detained me for years. My life has changed significantly in less than a week time.

Lene Kvivisen - teacher - Moss - Norway

I'm proud to have Jeannette in my Upper Level professionals team. She is the only advanced practitioner from The Netherlands who has ever worked with me in drugs treatment in Hawaii, where she accomplished verifiable successes through her skills in the addiction protocol. She has been assisting me in my seminars in Europe since 2015. I do recommend her, because she is a very competent and experienced professional.

Robert Smith - founder of eutaptics-FasterEFT - Oklahoma

Ik maakte me erg druk over het behalen van mijn taxi-rijbewijs, want ik was al 2 keer gezakt. Jeannette vertelde me wat ik moest doen (denken) als ik mezelf die avond, die nacht en tijdens het rijden weer helemaal gek zou maken met mijn angst om te falen. Het leek me tevoren erg spannend, maar Jeannette maakte het leuk en ik herinner me dat ik tijdens die sessie grotendeels lekker op de bank gelegen heb. Deze ene sessie heeft me veel problemen en ruim €2.000,- bespaard.

Tintin Joris - consulent - Den Haag

Jeannette is a very skilled therapist. I was experiencing panic and anxiety about many things and at times I could not even get out of my apartment, but she could speak to me in a way that gave me the courage to risk and face my fears and go out. Jeannette is truly dedicated, generous and passionate about helping others heal. Her approach has been very subtle and I easily developed a sincere trust working with her. She maintains a friendly and caring attitude while zeroing in to the difficult issues and thoroughly working them through. Jeannette also has a wide range of experience and knowledge which made it very easy for me to share with her many issues on many subjects.

Richard Downs jr. - violinist and composer - Mexico

I feel like a big weight has been lifted. For years I had a lot of fear and anxiety and panic attacks. Jeannette is a very intuitive and sensitive practitioner. She could see where I was hiding and I’m very good at hiding. And she has a remarkable ability to laser in very directly at what I was hiding from. And to go back to memories that were still hunting me, but I was burying them. I feel blessed to have such a caring soul to go to. I would highly recommend having a session with Jeannette, especially when you are the kind of person I am, that tries to say: “Everything is fine.” When inside it’s not all fine. Jeannette is very strong and very direct, with a gentle and open heart.

Chantal Quesnel - actrice - Kingston - Canada

Jeannette is a person I immediately felt a connection with. She came across as honest, humple and professional. And that made me trust her and wanted to have her help me with some problem areas I would like to improve. I felt a positive change after only one session. So looking forward to continue.

Susan Dahlberg - nurse - Moss - Norway

Our clients arrive with high levels of addiction. And most of our residents have a history of violent acts, abuse, sexual violation, lenghty incarceration and other forms of degradation. They are one of the most difficult populations to help. It has been my pleasure to have Jeannette here, she was working diligently to break the addiction patterns with our residents. And most importantly, our clients have experienced significant internal changes. Her confidence, professionalism and dedication are amazing. We were so impressed that we have invited Jeannette back next year to continue this important work.

Jeff Nash - executive director Habilitat - Kaneohe - Oahu - Hawaii